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Mixed Reactions as Dino Melaye expresses shock at how fast George Floyd's case was resolved in court

In any civil society, perpetrators of crime are common. Which is why state administrators find it necessary to establish security outfits to curb the excesses of ill minded people and also to restore sanity to the society.

This civil security outfit otherwise known as police in most modern society form the Frontline response to any form of conflict such as altercation, crises and even civil uprising.

In an event where the problem at hand proof too difficult for them to handle, then other more sophisticated security outfit (army and special forces) may come into the fray.

This generally accepted norms of most civil society have nonetheless made the police man the closest to the citizens and more actively engaged in the day to day affairs of indegenes of any community.

This involvement spans across personal affair to even activities that borders along the career line of the citizens. Thus, as long as one breathes and strive to survive, he or she must iron out one issue or the other with the police someday or atleast, have an encounter with the police.

Also, the close contact with citizens coupled with the fact that humans are dynamic and somewhat malicious in nature, have nonetheless made the work of the police the most difficult of all security work anywhere in the world, requiring utmost care and professionalism.

People oftenly challenge their authority, harrass them and even resist arrest in some situation.

The latter usually result to a complicated situation where the policeman employs all possible strategies to get hold of the person as they deem such act as a disrespect for constituted authority.

Which is the case of George Floyd who was accidentally murdered by a policeman; Dereck Chauvin. Dereck was intent in enforcing his authority on him as he claimed George tried to resist arrest.

The development sparked worldwide protest and agitation against the alleged bad treatment of blacks.

After much pressure and agitation, justice was finally served and the police man was remanded in prison to the delight of many.

As it is normal with our political actors in Nigeria, the opposition would always seize any chance to get at the ruling class and criticize the administrative style of the of the supreme leader.

In a recent tweet, Dino Melaye reacted to the news of Floyd's killer by comparing the speed of dispensing justice in Floyd's case to the rate of dispensing justice for the numerous crimes that happened during the EndSARS protest.

He tweeted as follow:

This soon sparked reactions as issues of police brutality is very peculiar to many Nigerians.

Some however, chided the senator for what they alleged as his hypocritical judgement of all situations in Nigeria as he was part of the leadership cycle that had made this country what he claims it is.

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