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Open Letter To Southerners over The Formation & Illegal Activities of ESN From An Angry Northerner

Dear Southerners, I chose to write this open letter to call your attention concerning the formation and activities of the latter formed private security outfit by Nnamdi Kanu in Southern Nigeria.

The Eastern Security Network was formed not to safeguard your region against fulani herdsmen rather a continuity of Biafra agitation.

Boko Haram terrorists, Bandits and Kidnappers are not the only terrorists that are squandering the peace and tranquility of Nigeria. Whenever someone ask you to mention terrorists in Nigeria, you should not forget to mention IPOB and Eastern SecurityNetwork. Infact, based on my personal view and opinion, they are more dangerous than any other criminals in the world.

I can reiterate that, Nnamdi Kanu formed the private security outfit not to safeguard his region against the barbaric behavior of fulani herdsmen rather to battle with Nigerian Government and we can clearly notice the symptoms for there have been many attacks on Police Station and prison.

When the unidentified gunmen invaded Owerri prison, set the prison ablaze and released many inmates, Nnamdi Kanu publicly uttered a statement that could endanger him. He said, if fulani killer herdsmen and insurgents can be rehabilitated, no soul deserve to be in prison.

The above statement made by Nnamdi Kanu is treason which is why many Goverment officials and Nigerians hold his statement as an evidence that he is the ones behind the attack.

As expected, The former Inspection General of Police, Adamu Garba revealed that they are the ones behind the attack which is why he commanded policemen to fish them - not only policemen, Nigerian Army are now looking for their hideout.

However, the activities of Eastern Security Network is suspicious hence, you should not allow any of your children, relatives or neighbor to join the movement for they will undoubtedly suffer without achieving their aims.

You should all of you stop supporting the movement for at the end of the race, all of you that support the movement,will suffer through out your lives for God will never support heinous agenda.

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