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2 reasons why a youth should not cut corners in his quest for wealth accumulation.

Some youths of this 21st century are lazy and believe that hustling is a waste of time and energy. And this belief has lured them into soiling their hands in evil as to make quick money. It is true that the economy and financial state of the country is not helping matters at all. Rather it worsen the issue.

Some youths because of this economy instability in the country have resulted to venture into many criminal and unjust quick pathway in their quest to accumulate wealth and escape the financial woes, this country is facing. Some youths have become armed robbers, extortioners or even become high level Yahoo boys in which spiritual sacrifices are been required and utilized in order to keep the money flowing in.

Others have made up their mind to take whatever risk they can in order to elevate their families out from poverty, but the detriments of these unjust means of wealth acquisition are more horrible than their enjoyable benefits.

These detriments includes:

1. Age reduction: Youths that amass their wealth through unjust means are always at risk of dying prematurely. Some who had a deal with the devil die mysteriously because their life span was reduced. But God from the beginning of time has stipulated time for everyone's blessings to manifest. but some die off before their blessings manifest to them because they were not patient enough to wait for God's time.

2. Restlessness: Any youth that amassed his wealth in an unjust means hardly rest, because the absence of Jesus Christ in his life is the absence of peace of mind. Besides much demands are widely expected from anyone who amassed his wealth outside God.


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