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"Today is too emotional for me"- Betta Edu said and revealed what happened to her in office

The Cross Rivers State Honourable Commissioner for Health, Dr. Betta Edu revealed that she had a very emotional day in office yesterday.

According to Betta Edu, a young man she helped during the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic came to show gratitude. She said when she got to her office yesterday, as she opened the door of her car to step out, a young army man gave her a salute. This made her confused because she is not in the military, neither is she married to a military man.

"Today is too emotional for me!, I got to my office this morning, and just as I opened the door of my car, I got a strong salute from a fully dressed Military man wearing camouflage. I was confused??? I Am not in the military, I am not married to a military man??? How did I get this honour??? Looking closely I saw my son ETHOTI and tears rolled down my face", Betta Edu said as she started narrating how she met the young man.

She said that the young man came to her ministry to help as a volunteer during the Covid-19 pandemic period. After a while, she decided to accommodate and be paying him because he was hard working and very committed.

Betta Edu said; "At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I started observing a young man open the office door most times, give hand sanitizer to everyone who entered or left the office, provided face mask for everyone going into my office, he cleaned the office sometimes, carried items that we used for the COVID-19 response, he will always attend every event with me and would ask me many times, mummy is there anything I can do for you?

I called my PA and asked who is this and how did he get to work here? I never hired him! Then my PA pleaded, “ Commissioner I know your plate is full and we are very many already on your personal pay roll, please just help him, he came to volunteer during this COVID period”. Of course I said the young man was committed and hard working let us accommodate him for the COVID-19 period".

(Betta Edu)

She said when the difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic was over, she told her PA to inform the young man not to come again because she had too many people on her payroll. One morning, the young man came to her office and begged her with tears that she should allow him to continue working in her ministry for free.

"When the COVID-19 hard hit was over, I asked my PA to tell him not to come again as paying the many people already working with me was too heavy for me. Then that faithful morning he came to my office and knelt down with tears in his eyes…. Not yielding to my plea to stand up and talk. “ Mummy please I don’t have anywhere to go… I don’t have any thing to do, this few months have been the best time of my life please let me work for you for free. I didn’t know when I started crying pulled him up and asked him to go and continue work", she added.

The Health Commissioner further said that after some months, the young man came with an application for the Nigeria Airforce. She got the application from him and took it to her big friend in the military for advice.

"Months later, he brought an application for Nigeria Airforce, I took it to a big friend of mine in the military for advise and the rest is history. He said I want to work in your office with you today… am honored! ETHOTI am so proud of you! Cross River State is very proud of you!!!!!…. Go and show them what we are made our soldier boy! God am grateful for what you have done for ETHOTI", she concluded.

See more of the pictures she took with the young man as posted on her Facebook timeline below.

This is a very nice story and it teaches us to be kind to people because they will always remember us.

She might have forgotten about the help she rendered the young man but the young man surely didn't forget.

May God bless her and the young man who is now a proud Nigerian Soldier.

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