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Scam Alert: Please Don't Use Your ATM Card to Withdraw on Any of These POS For Security Reasons

Fraudsters are now using the opportunity of POS Business to defraud people, I will always say it please be careful with the POS you will insert your ATM for you not to fall victim to an online scam. I am a POS Agent and computer expert, people report their Fraud cases to me on daily basis, and gather some experience from them, I think the best I can do is to keep sharing this information to Nigerians to keep their money safe in the bank. POS is good because it has make our Banking transactions faster and easier. You don't need to go to the bank or queue at an ATM to withdraw your money.

In this article, I will tell you 2 POS terminals should not try to withdraw your money from it for security reasons.

1. No Bank is Written on The POS

Please, don't insert your ATM on any POS that you can't find the name of the bank Written on it, a genuine POS terminal will have the name of the bank on it and it going to be design with the color of that bank.

2. No Company name is written on the POS

Please, don't withdraw on any POS that you can't find the name of the company on it, the same thing with the bank, if an agent gets his POS from any payment platform in Nigeria, the name will be written there and it's going to be designed with the color of that company

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