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After We Defeated Ebola & Curbed COVID-19,Checkout What The Government Should Do Over Insecurity

When we sit back to think of our country, few of the numerous things that cloud our thoughts, is our dear Nigeria of old, our national symbols, our heroes and heroines of the past, our cultures and various traditions which gave us our through identity and made us who we really are.

The Green White Green stripes on our flag stands for natural wealth, rich resources (Green), peace and unity (White), that we have enjoyed and which is at the point of collapse. The insecurity challenge in Nigeria seems to have worsen as we wake up to news of terrorism, banditry, herdsmen attack and kidnapping in various state and communities in the country.

The security of lives and properties is the primary duty of government, therefore, it must be taken seriously if we are to come out victorious. The government must know this is beyond politics and should be ready to seek for help wherever.

The Ebola and COVID-19 pandemic, showed Nigeria has what it takes to stand together and fight a common enemy, as the government (both past and present), private sectors and our friends from the international community all stood by us, as we all came together to fight the spread of the deadly virus. The time where promises are made to give citizens hope is finally over, as action they say, “Speaks louder than words”.

Private sectors and international collaboration cannot jump into the arena without the government facilitating their intervention, so the government must get them involved and also call on our past security and head of state to share their wealth of knowledge knowing we fight for “One Nigeria” and a common goal.

So what are the things the government and citizens should do, to tackle the insecurity challenges in the country?

Shun Political Talks: The government should shun all forms of political talks and call on those who share the same vision irrespective of their political stands and views, as every useful information can go a long way even from various private sectors.

International Collaboration: International collaborations has a way of bringing fresh ideas to every situation, as they will be coming with their own strategies and solutions which will be of great asset to the country.

Equip Security Agencies: Our security agencies need serious equipping and also, artificial intelligence to help fight this challenges, as most of the attacks are carefully planned that’s why they are executed to a level perfection.

Neighbor’s Watch: Citizens cannot just fold their handles and watch the government do everything, as they need to stand up and take up task to ensure their own community space is safe, by watching each other’s back.

Being Positive: At this point, everyone needs a positive mindset, as the war is first won in our minds and heads, so we have to be positive, instead of faulting the government at every given opportunity, stand by them to give hope to the younger generation through our positive words.

No country is total free from security challenges, but what differs, are the mode of operation. Together we will stand and bring back the peace and unity we all crave for.

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