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Monkey pulls off the finger of a 5-year-old boy after biting him while he stood near the cage

It is sad to note that a monkey allegedly pulled off the finger of a young boy who stood very close to its cage. This tragedy happens on the 9th day of April at the Portuguese zoo.

According to a news source, it was narrated that the young boy was at the Portuguese zoo playing beside the money cage. These family members were also in the Portuguese zoo with him.

The young boy was too close to the cage and that lead to the tragedy that happened. The money pulled off the little boy's finger from the rest of his body.

The finger was being searched for in the cage so that it could be fixed back. The boy was taken to Sao Joao Hospital in Vila Nova de Gaia.

According to another source it was made known that the boy was feeding the money with peanuts when it happened.

It is best to secure the kids properly in dangerous places.

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