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10 Crazy Natural Events From Around The Globe.

There are several crazy natural events and phenomenals that occur in various places of our planet and here are ten out of the most popular ones.

1. Gateway to Hell, Turkmenistan.

When Russian scientist tried to dig a hole to find crude oil, there were so natural oil leaking out of the ground and the scientist taught the best way to take it out is to set it on fire, but turns out that wasn't a good idea and till today the fire is still burning.

2. Volcanic Lightning.

Volcano emitting lightening is probably the most scary natural phenomenal you will ever come across and they are called dirty thunderstorms.

3. Steam Eruptions, Hverir, Iceland.

This place in Iceland at Hverir is a mud that emits steam that is able to boil a persons skin and if you still want to experience something like this you can head to Hverir Iceland.

4. Columnar Basalt.

This fecades might look artificial but they are actually one of the most crazy creations of nature.

5. Danxia Landforms.

This Landforms in Danxia China was shaped by wind and water and has been transformed into a fascinating peice of land.

6. Monarch Butterfly Migration.

This natural phenomenal is a one in a lifetime event to experience, which is a group of monarch butterflies migrating towards Mexico from North America.

7. Nacreous Clouds, Antarctic.

Though this prismatic clouds appear not be real, but they can be observed in a polar region at full glory, and they are only visible in twilight hours

8. Sardine Run.

Starting from the month of may to July, billions and trillions of sardines swims across the Agulhas bank to the coasts of South Africa.

9. Dragon Blood Tree, Yemen. Not just the unusal shape like an umbrella but this specie of tree in Yemen has a unique as well as intriguing characteristics. The secretion of red coloured sap got it the name Dragon's Blood Tree.

10. Lenticular Clouds.

This clouds are often mistaken as unidentified flying objects due to their lens-shaped formations. Well this clouds are usually stationary and are formed perpendicular to the flow of the wind.

Which of these Phenomenals was the most craziest in your opinion, let us know in the comments

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