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Many Warned Me About You But I Didn't Listen- CEO Of Investment Company Replies Don Davis' Mother

Trust and credibility is a rare quality found in many humans. You can only know when someone the credibility and honesty in people when money is involved. Majority of investment companies these days have been the reason why many homes are broken and in perpetual poverty. They convince people in such a way that you bring in your money to invest and that becomes the end of it.

Mrs Deborah Okezie, the mother of Don Davis who was allegedly sodomized and maltreated in the deeper Life high school,Uyo was made a brand ambassador by a company that took interest in him during the deeper Life saga. According to Deborah Okezie who made a life broadcast this evening calling out the investment company, Resolution Technology for alleged fraudulent activities on Nigerians, she said when her son was made a brand ambassador by the company, she promised Nigerians that she would come to facebook to report any fraudulent activities she finds the company indulging in.

Don Davis on the day of his signing as an ambassadorDon Davis and CEO of the investment company in a picture Don Davis Father signingDeborah Okezie has lived up to this promise as she took to her Facebook live broadcast to share details of the fraudulent activities carried out by this said company. She revealed that when Resolution Technology approached her to make Don Davis an ambassador, she welcomed it with open arms as she thought they were coming to buy off shame from her son's predicament. She said she didn't hesitate to the deal because her son had already attempted suicide and when they made him a brand ambassador,he became happier and began to heal inwards.

Deborah Okezie narrated how the CEO of the investment company has siphoned 5 million naira from more than 10 individuals. Out of the ten individuals, one was a widow with 6 kids who is now homeless, another is a blind man who put in his 5 million, another man again has also been rushed to the hospital on hearing the news. She said she herself lost 1 million, one hundred and fifty thousand naira, likewise her brother who lives abroad.

Deborah disclosed that these people who invested their money in the company would call the CEO of the company, Faithful Samuel by name and he would refuse to pick and when he picks, he would tell them he is busy or he is in the church. This attitude continued until they reached to Deborah Okezie who urged the CEO to pay people their money but he didn't respond to her calls. Deborah Okezie said Faithful Samuel's modus operandi would be to remit your profits to you when you first pay your first million just to draw you to invest more and make it seem real.

Deborah Okezie asked him why he would dare use her 11 year old son to defraud Nigerians, she asked him why he would use her and her predicament to defraud innocent Nigerians. As she was crying and cursing the CEO in her live broadcast, comments were pouring in under the live broadcast attesting to the fact that they were truly defrauded and stopped picking their calls after they sent in their money.

One of the comments that was under the comment section was Faithful Samuel, the CEO who replied Deborah Okezie 's allegation said ;

" Many Warned me about you but I didn't want to listen".

He replied her again and said " Do you know how many years it took me to build my company".

People who saw his reply to Deborah Okezie told him to pay people their money if he is not actually owing them and then make a video to clear his name if he is actually innocent of the allegations. It doesn't matter how many years you built a company. What matters is the integrity of the company. A company which was built on lies can never last.

If actually he is innocent, making a video and telling us what happened to the money people invested in his company and when he would give it back would go a long way to clear his name. We need more of people like Deborah Okezie who only stand on the truth and nothing but the truth.

Credit: Facebook/ Deborah Okezie

Content created and supplied by: TikoNews (via Opera News )

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