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Young Guys Caught On Camera Bathing With Soap In Cemetery (video)

What is this world turning into? I begin to ask myself while watching this unbelievable video of young men taking their bath with rain water in a cemetery.

There is a trending video of three young guys caught on camera while bathing with soap in an unidentified cemetery. The person who was holding the camera seems to be in an uncompleted building was heard lamenting in Yoruba language that poverty is not good.

Watch the video below

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The issue about money rituals activities among the Nigerian youths are very pronounced this day's as it seems like a common thing which is really eaten deep into the veins of the youths all in the name of Yahoo. All these activities comes with a great repercussion and sacrifice that their native doctors won't tell them.

Many youths are roaming the street as mad man while some are dead all because of those activities they engaged themselves on to be rich.

What is your take about this? When you are telling telling to cut soap for you, this may be where you are going to use the soap to bath.

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