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Nigerians Shower Praise On Man Who Went To Rescue A Lady After She Reportedly Tried To Kill Herself.

It's no longer a news what transpired between two journalists yesterday, over one receiving award for a project she wasn't the master minder of. The issue was between Kiki Mordi and Oge obi, where Kiki was given an award for the "Sex for Grades" project, while Oge wasn't given.

Pictures of Oge the Lady Who Reportedly Tried To Kill Herself.

Kiki was however asked by another Journalist Ruona Meyer to share whatever prize she gets with Oge since they both worked for it, but Kiki didn't buy into the idea. As the matter grew uncontrollable, Oge reportedly drank two bottles of sniper in a bid to commit suicide.

After the news spread that she wanted to commit suicide, a man immediately rushed to her apartment and broke into it to save her life. She was then rushed to two hospitals were she was rejected, after which she was finally accepted at a general hospital and given an antidote to take.

Pictures Of What The Man Who Went To Rescue Her Shared On Social Media.

Nigerians however began showering praises on the man for his good act of reaching out to Oge just in time to save her from killing herself.

Pictures of The Praises Nigerians Showered On The Man.

We thank God for using this young man to save her life, we hope that nothing happens and all these problems will be over.

Thanks for reading, May God bless him for what he did.

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