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2 Architecturally Advanced Roads Which Were Built Between Buildings

A road is a wide ground which is built between two locations where people can walk, ride or drive on, they are usually built-in open spaces.

However, in this article I'll get to tell you about 2 different roads which were built to pass through buildings:

1. The liziba Train Station in China.

The liziba Station is an overhead train station which is located on the 2nd line of the Chongqing Rail Transit Line. One unique thing about this magnificent construction is that it lies on the 6th to the 8th floor of a 19-storey residential building where it passes through it.

This station was constructed together with the building as one structure, one other unique thing is that residents of the building don't need to worry about noise coming from the train because noise reduction equipment was used to reduce station noise from the residence to around 60 decibels, which means it's just the sound of basic household equipment.

Residents even fancy the train station there because there is a transit stop there where they can just hop on the train and take a ride to their destination.

2. The Hanshin Highway in Japan.

If you are in Fukushima-Ku, Osaka Japan and you stand beside the 16 storeys Gate Tower Building you'll notice a strange highway.

The name of that highway is called Hanshin Expressway, it is a 239km Expressway that runs through the cities of Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto. The expressway passes through the 5th to 7th floor just like a bridge to the next building.

The Gate Tower Building is an office building that is owned by the TKP corporation, and you may wonder if the noise from the traffic wouldn't disrupt the workers in the building well it won't because noise proof walls and noise proof floors were built around the highway to prevent noise pollution.

Photo credit: Google.

Content created and supplied by: Freddy's (via Opera News )

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