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TikTok Bans viral ‘Milk Crate Challenge’ over safety concerns

TikTok has banned the popular “milk crate challenge” from its platform due to concerns that users participating in the trend could be seriously injured.

TikTok users were challenged to build a pyramid out of milk crates and then climb across the shaky construction from one side to the other without any of the crates giving way beneath them.

However, TikTok has now prohibited the viral challenge since it promoted a risky practice, according to TikTok.

‘TikTok forbids content that supports or glorifies dangerous behaviors, and we remove videos and divert searches to our Community Guidelines to prevent such content,' a TikTok spokeswoman said.

We advise everyone, whether online or offline, to be cautious in their actions.

‘While the challenge began as a joke, it has now resulted in some less amusing injuries, with local news outlets reporting that people have been injured as a result of undertaking the task.”

Ben Saldana, a doctor, warned against the challenge this week, saying that "if someone fell from seven boxes, a lot of things may happen." According to the Houston Chronicle, he mentioned possible shattered bones, brain bleeds, concussions, and spine problems.

TikTok has removed all of the Challenge's search results.

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