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The Unknown Gunmen Are An Insult To The Igbo People

The extent to which insecurity is presently ruining the South-East is unbelievable. In a short space of time, a once-peaceful region where the residents decorously went about their daily activities is now suddenly going down the dungeon of destruction? How did it begin? When did it begin? And who began it? And for what purpose is it? These and a whole lot of other questions have been asked time and again? But no amounts or kinds of responses have been able to satiate people's expectations.

As the land of the Igbo people and its people are being faced with the worst security challenges since the past era of the Civil war, one thing can be said about the unlawful elements who are responsible for it. That is that they are always heavily armed. Also, they sometimes mask up their faces, definitely to avoid being identified. And it is a major reason why they are collectively referred to as the Unknown Gunmen.

However, one trend is now like a norm in the embattled South-Eastern part of Nigeria. Since there is a secessionist group known as the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) there, whenever a breach of security erupts in any of the constituents states, and it is blamed on it (IPOB), its members are always quick to debunk having a hand in it. This is notwithstanding the fact that there is an arm-carrying wing of it that is known as the Eastern Security Network (ESN) which was floated late last year for the purpose of protecting the IPOB members.

Now, in recent times, as earlier mentioned, insecurity has highly taken over the South-East. And many people tend to associate the horrible situation of things to the presence of the ESN. But as long as the IPOB members keep denying orchestrating the wanton killings, with the most emphasis on the higjly placed Igbos, and cruel destruction of property, especially the government-owned ones, it becomes pertinent to accuse the so-called unknown gunmen. But what about the arrested Gunmen who upon confessions, disclosed that they were members of the IPOB-owned ESN?

Anyways, the fact is that whoever they are, the agents of insecurity who have come to be known as the unknown Gunmen are simply an insult to the Igbo people. And they should be decisively dealt with, especially as the Military and the othwr security operatives have just started their joint excercise known as Operation Golden Era in the region.

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