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If You Have Lost Your NIN Paper Slip, Please Read This Information

It's not new to everyone that data of person who lost an NIN slip can be retrieved to another slip. People who are stranded on how to got a new paper slip, it was because they didn't know that there are several ways to got a new one. I wondered why some people don't bothered about getting a new slip. It's a serious situation where a person who lost an NIN slip can not endeavor to lodged a complaint to any NIMC centre.

Let's read some implications involved in neglecting a lost NIN slip;

1. It gives access to criminals who may found it on the ground.

2. Criminals can used it to commit Impersonation

3. Criminals can used it for illegal immigration.

Solutions to such problems;

1. Immediately you noticed that your NIN slip was lost, visit any nearest NIMC centre within your vicinity. Report the incident to any complaint officer at the centre.

2. Visit and login into your profile. On your dashboard, there's a link to contact NIMC complaint page.

How to avoid future problems;

1. Always keep your NIN slip away from public places

2. Do not disclosed your 11 digits NIN and login password to anyone

Thanks for reading, please share this information with others.

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