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Opinion: The Attack On A Prison Facility In Oyo And The Need For The South To Fight Unknown Gunmen

The constant attacks from unknown gunmen in Nigeria has no doubt become a thing to worry about by every citizen of the country. These sets of criminals have disrupted the peace of the country, damaged properties, and have also led to the loss of innocent lives.

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These unknown gunmen have in the past months been dominant in the southern region of Nigeria, where various security facilities have been attacked and other vital areas.

Though efforts have been made daily by the federal government of Nigeria to end such repeated happenings, one would not be wrong to say that they have kept on growing in their attacks.

According to a verified publication, a recent action by these unknown gunmen took place barely a few hours ago, where they attacked a prison facility in Oyo State with sophisticated weapons, causing some personnel to flee for safety.

Photo Credit: News Central TV (A Photo Of A Prison Facility)

These unknown gunmen were reported to have freed large numbers of inmates, and with the dangers which could arise from such a deed, it will be important that everyone, especially in the southern part of the country, fight these unknown gunmen.

Some of those freed inmates may nonetheless be difficult to track down and rearrest, which seems risky to the masses due to the fact that some of the inmates were probably facing high-level crimes.

Such an act is just a little of what these unknown gunmen could do; allowing those inmates to integrate themselves into the society without justice.

The security operatives in the nation probably can't continually win fights against these criminals, which is quite necessary, and as such, there is a need for the masses to also partake in the fight by supporting the government and other security agencies.

Photo Credit: Latest From The World

One of the best ways the masses can fight these unknown gunmen who are trying to bring disunity is to come together, assist the authorities passionately, as only then will these unknown gunmen be met with severe strong forces, but will also ensure that they answer for their crimes.

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