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Strange but True: Ram with five horns sighted at a popular market

It's Sallah celebration and people go to the market to buy rams. The rams are slaughtered and given out as charity. Rams vary in a variety of sizes and weights, with some being huge or large and having two horns. It's not every day that we come across weird things in our surroundings. People were astonished to see a ram with five horns. A ram with five horns was sighted at a popular market, which may sound unusual, but it's true.

This generated a lot of reactions from people around. Some say it is wonderful. Others say it is not a real ram. Some are willing to buy the ram irrespective of the multiple horns on its head. Another said, something must have caused this to happen, it must be a rare condition, something about this ram might be due to a hormonal imbalance. While others said they would never buy nor eat such ram. With all these been said It is only a natural selection, similar to how people view persons with six fingers.

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