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“Don't fall a victim of fraud” - see what yahoo boys are doing.

The rate at which internet fraud risen, is quite a thing of concern, people are gradually becoming scared of using the internet as they should, because every now and then, is someone lamenting over being scammed.

Considering how these fraudsters operate, popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo boys and girls, one wouldn't be so sure of what pattern, these fraudsters would adopt, in attacking people and ripping them off their money. 

Believe me, you can't possibly know when these Yahoo-Yahoo boys or girls could attack, which is why I want to expose some of their dealings, you can only be victorious over what you understand.

These internet fraudsters (Yahoo-Yahoo), go hacking people's email, with the possibility of gaining access to a potential victim's private information. 

This way, they get to know passwords and have pass to the account of other people.

They also hack people's social media platforms, which gives them the leverage to impersonate their victims. 

Often times, they change the pass codes of the victims online accounts, to shot out the  real owner and while only them can have access to operate. 

Yahoo-yahoo boys and girls also get to place tabs on other people's ATM cards, this way they can steal other people's ATM card details, and either withdraw their victim's money or use it for purchases online. 

How to avoid falling a victim of Yahoo-Yahoo:

1) Always set up a two way verification on your online accounts, this enable you to certify or confirm a login attempt into your online accounts, whether email or e-wallets, in the case of you not entering your two way verification code, even someone with your password, can't possibly gain access to your online accounts. 

2) Be sure to check reviews on websites you possibly would enter your ATM card details, for the purpose of making transactions, so you don't carry “had I known”, should you enter your ATM card into a fake website, used for Yahoo-Yahoo. 

3) Avoid clicking on web links sent to your phone, when it isn't you who requested for the links, so you don't possibly confirm an unknown login on your online accounts. 

With these few instructions, I want to believe you would do well not to fall prey in the hands of the current day fraudsters (Yahoo-Yahoo). 

Photos used are for the purpose of illustration.

Photo credit goes to google photos.

Content created and supplied by: Ovie_Ohwovoriole (via Opera News )



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