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What Happened After A Grandmother Used A Lady's Placenta To Cook Okra & Eat Everything -Dr. Olukoya.

The General Overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, in his recent post on his Facebook page shared a video message to the public.

While speaking the cleric reportedly stated that "Some families preserve the placenta for consumption. They will eat it. Speaking further Olukoya shared a story that says "We had a case like that here in MFM in 1993. And when it got to that situation, I sent that sister back to her grandmother to find out what was going wrong. She would get a good job, and in two months, she would be sacked. She had a first-class, had a distinction, and was even getting requests to pursue a Ph.D. But she could not keep a job for longer than two months. So I asked her to go back to her grandmother to ask questions.

Speaking further Olukoya said "She went and ask the grandmother, and the grandmother said, "I am inside of you, and you are inside of me. So I control your life". The lady said, "I reject it in Jesus' name!" The woman said, "You can say that. Because when you were born, I collected your placenta, I cooked okra soup with it, and I ate everything. So I am inside of you, and you are inside of me."

Speaking further Olukoya said "On this note, Every unconscious bondage troubling your destiny, shall die in the name of Jesus. Speaking further he said, "God's strength is in his loins, his force is in the navel of his belly". Therefore, there are situations where someone's placenta is converted into a waistband. There are cases where somebody's placenta was buried in a cursed land, and so the person became cursed. There are cases where some people's placentas were fed to crocodiles. And there are also cases where a placenta was poorly buried, and pigs dug it up and ate it. It affects people. It seriously affects people's lives.

Watch The Facebook Video Here.

Fast forward Facebook video from 3 hours 15 minutes 12 Second.

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