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Road Accident

Read How Nigerian Doctor Uses Carton And Slippers To Save Two Dying Victims In A Local Health Center

A dying baby and a man could be seen lying on the bed in the pictures below. Am sure you will like to know what happened to them and how they were rescued despite the lack of modern medical instruments or health care facilities that were supposed to be used for them by one professional Doctor at the hospital where they got admitted.

The dying baby is said to have came into existence earlier before the expected time which is best referred as premature. While the man is said to be an accident victim.

However, they both landed in a local health center where the professional Doctor identified as Chibuike Chukwudu reportedly used his own idea or discovery as the alternative way to save their lives.

From the above pictures, he made use of a carton as incubator to bring back alive the premature baby. Not only that, but also connected a bulb that would generate heat inside the carton and also passed an intravenous therapy which would distribute fluids throughout the baby's body.

The Doctor.

As for the man, he used a rubber slipper to construct a cervical collar which prevented him from choking to death.

See picture below but note that the image was blurred to avoid being disgusting to our dear readers like you.

Credit: a Facebook page known as "Blue News Blog".

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