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"The Man That Impregnated Me Stole My Money And Ran Away"- Pure Water Seller With One Leg

Punch Newspaper had an interview with Mary Daniels, the young Amputee that Hawks pure water on the streets to fend for herself and family. Click here to watch the video;

She said that she wanted to be a lawyer before she lost her leg, instead she found herself selling pure water to assist her grandmother to make money. Some times she sleeps in the shop, she sleeps on the streets and anywhere she finds safe.

She said she came to Lagos with the sole purpose of selling pure water, some drivers would see her and Pity her so passengers can buy water from her. Some passengers would buy from her, while others would even scam her and run away with her money. She will not be able to run and pursue the passenger because of her leg.

She said that she was nearly hit by a car on the road, simply because she was lost in her thoughts but a Police Man saved her.

According to her, she had an accident in 2006 at the age of 10 years when she and her Mother were going to the village. They had an accident along the road that took the life of 16 people, she was rushed to the hospital alongside her Mother who died. On getting to the hospital they had to call her grandmother to come down to Kogi State to claim her.

Unfortunately for her, they had to cut off her leg because the leg was too bad, and she would die if they didn't cut it off immediately. From there she started living with her Grandmother and she moved to Onitsha when she was 20 years old In 2016. From there she would sell water and be sending money to her Grandmother.

Later her Grandmother informed her about a Man that was interested in her, that she should come back to Kogi. The guy promised to take care of her and she would not lack anything. When she eventually got pregnant for the guy he didn't take care of her, she was the one feeding and taking care of her and paying hospital bills.

She had to leave him and move to Onitsha with her Pregnancy, because her friend told her that Pure Water Business is good there. Later she still called the Husband and urged him to move to Onitsha with her, since she had set up a business there and he accepted, until she delivered her baby.

Then in January 2020, while she was Hawking pure water on the streets one Man approached her and asked her why she was Hawking pure water on the streets. She explained her Condition to him and he promised to interview her and send to his brother outside the country.

Few days later they had the interview and he called her again asking her if the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Would be enough for her to start a business. She got the money and hid it away from her Husband because she didn't trust him, but he found out about the money later and got Angry at her.

The next day he stole her phone, stole her ATM card and ran away with his Money living her with only Two Thousand Naira In her account. After that day she never saw him again he just ran off with her money, she said this while shedding tears.

She then decided to take her baby to Lagos to stay with her, so she would be Hawking pure water and sending money to her Grandmother. She said that she has learnt how to sew but if she sees the opportunity to work as a tailor, she would do it so she can fend for her Child and Grandma.

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