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Say No To Crime - See Photos Of How Prisoners Suffer In Africa And Around The World.

Many people are in prison today because they did one thing or the other, nothing good will ever come out of you when you decide to go against the Law of your Country.

The bitter part about this issue is that many innocent people are also in prison for crimes they never committed.

This is how prisoners are suffering day by day and some of them are even serving life imprisonment.

Many of them have lost hope because their cases are never going to be justified, this is a result of bad friends, impatient, wayward living and no self control.

The reason why the rate of prisoners in the World is still high is because some of us don't like to do things in the proper way, especially when the government is lacking in the provision of job opportunities. Sometimes you develop negative mindset that will make you want to commit crimes that you are not supposed to commit, but you need to remind yourself that crime will only lead you to more problems.

Only those who have been imprisoned can describe how miserable and unbearable prison life is, in prison you don't have freedom of movement, you stay from morning till night without eating, taking your bath and you will never know what is happening around the World.

Life of a prisoner is nothing to think about because it will damage your destiny and future, so please stay away from crime.

So let us stay away from crime and anything that concerns it, let us do things the way it is supposed to be done.

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