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The Difference Between Expressway, Highway, Motorway, Causeway, And Freeway

Various road terminologies are bound to be used without proper or thorough information or enlightenment on the reasons behind such terminologies. Roads come in different types and for different utilisation.

1. Expressway.

An expressway is a wide road which is targeted at fast moving traffic. Unlike many other roads on the list, the expressway features multiple demarcated lanes which could also include a service lane. The point of the expressway is to promote smooth movement of traffic by dedicating lanes for vehicles about to use the intersections.

As earlier stated, most expressways include a service lane. This auxiliary lane is meant for vehicles about to access a street or an intersection. The purpose of the service lane is so that these cars do not disturb the rest of the cars navigating the major roads on the expressway. An example of an expressway in Lagos is; Ikorodu road.

2. Highway.

Highway is a term used to describe a stretch of road connecting a major town or city with another. These roads usually consist of four lanes with a high speed limit. In addition, this road usually passes through rural areas. Examples are the; Lagos - Ibadan Highway, Benin - Ore Highway and the likes.

3. Motorway.

A motorway is a fast moving traffic road which has laid down rules on what kind of vehicles are allowed to access it. Motorways mostly consist of 3 or more lanes, and might resteict certain vehicles such as bikes, tricycles or even trailers from using the road. This road system is common in Great Britain.

4. Causeway.

A Causeway is an elevated Road that serves the sole purpose of providing access above water, wetlands, swamp or marshlands.

5. Freeway.

A Freeway literay means a road that is free of hindrances that are bound to slow down cars or distract drivers such as; toll booths, intersections or entry and exit lanes. This kind of road encourages and promotes free, high speed traffic. In short, this road is exclusively designed for speeding without distractions.

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