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Reasons Why We Must Stop the Killing of Police Officers and Other Security Operatives

Are we not tired of the hearing of shootings, killings and burning of places in the East and South South? These days, before one finish writing or reading about one attack by unknown gunmen, another one is being reported. Akwa Ibom Has jest been reported to have been touched; two policemen killed and operational vehicle burnt. 

In the North where insurgency exist, policemen and other security agents have not had it so bad as it has been with us for months now. Members of the armed forces killed in the North were mostly on the frontline. Except those killed in Benue State by Bona boys.

In my reckoning, it is best to emulate good things and ways. The spate of destruction of lives and properties that has been visited on the South East and South South is mind-boggling. We are taking a cue from the wrong playbook, one that portends greater danger to us all. 

We are angry, we are not happy with the government is not enough reason for us to attack people who are equally victims of the system we are angry about. 

The policeman and other security operatives that are being killed by unknown gunmen are first of all human beings. They have families who depend on them. Liking them rob their families off what they represent in their lives. 

The second reason why they should stop killing security operatives is that their action will create more insecurity in our lives. Policemen whose colleagues have been killed will be demoralized, scared and without zeal to do his job. This will give room to other criminals to cash into the vacuum created and start reigning terror on us. Recall what happened in some areas after the "EndSars" protests? 

The third reason is that if and when those behind the killing of security operatives and destruction of facilities succeed in overrunning constituted civil authority, they will lord over the rest of us. They will visit same terror on us. There will be further chaos in the land. Libya of today, Libya after the killing of Muammar Gaddafi is a reminder of what will happen if these gunmen don't stop their attacks on our men in uniforms. 

If we notice, after killing security operatives or assailing their post, they take away or loot their arms and ammunition. In fact, it looks like the gunmen are on a mission to gather arms and ammunition for another purpose we are yet to know. 

It is time for individuals and influencers to start preaching in gatherings to everyone about the need to stop this senseless killings and destructions. These unknown gunmen live amongst us. They might even be within a given gathering. 

Nigeria is collapsing, crisis everywhere. It will be smart of us to keep our states safe while we join in helping solve the crisis in the North. 

One thing is, if the trouble in the North consumes the North, it will move down to us. If we think otherwise, then we are not as wise and as educated as we claim to be.

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