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"They Have Been Caught, Thank God For The Police- Man Whose Mother Was Murdered Rejoices

The rate at which people commit crimes nowadays is quite alarming that is why everyone must be on their guard because you don't know who is the suspect or who will be the victim. A lot of sad events unfold daily and one of such is the story of @uti_xo whose mother was killed in her apartment at Calabar in cold blood.

A young man whose twitter name is @uti_xo took to his Twitter handle on April 14 2021 to narrate the sad ordeal of his mother's death, He narrated how she was beaten and murdered in cold blood.

He said, "My mother was murdered and I swear to God the people that did this will never go free. Please I need help in any way to follow up this case. My mother was beaten and murdered in cold blood. My heart will not rest until justice is found. Please anyone that can help in achieving please reach out. Please this happened in State Housing Estate Calabar in her house and in her room. She was raped, beaten, strangled and had her wrist was slit. They took away some documents..... I don't know how much. They also stole my car from the compound.

From all suspicions, the perpetrators of this evil act have unsettled scores with the victim, hence they attacked her. But God has a way of unveiling all hidden secrets.

Early hours of yesterday 16 April 2021, @uti_xo tweeted the culprits behind the crime have been caught.

"They have been caught!!! God!!!!!!! They've been caught !!!. Thank God for the police, God!!!!!!! He tweeted.

This proves that the police has helped in apprehending those that killed his mother, It is a good thing that these culprit(s) have entered into the hands of the law to face the penalty for their crime.

My advise is that people should try as much as possible to stay clear away from crime, Don't jeopardize your future with evil things, you do today. Life is really simple when you live in peace with everyone and not killing and causing pains to others.

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