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Opinion: Poverty Is Not The Reason People Reject Plastic Surgery As Claimed By Ex BBN Star, Khloe

Nigerian reality TV star, Oluwabusayo Victoria Abiri (aka Khloe) has decided to air her view about the long-trending topic of plastic surgery in our society. In a chat she had with Ehizojie Okoeguale, a video Jockey, Khloe revealed that she recently went under the knife, and she is glad she did the procedure.

Khloe revealed that she made up her mind to go for plastic surgery in less than two weeks, and she had it done in less than two weeks. She mentioned how the procedure was painful, but that was worth it.

However, in her comment, she mentioned that people reject plastic surgery because of poverty, and that is one comment I believe needs some adjustment because it is not entirely true for everyone.

It is agreeable that many Nigerians are against the idea of plastic surgery, and this is where I believe Khloe must have drawn her conclusion from about poverty being the reason people reject plastic surgery.

There are many rich Nigerian celebrities who have not considered going for the procedure despite knowing that they are financially capable to get the procedures done for them.

In my opinion, people reject plastic surgery based on their personal preference and beliefs about the procedure. Poverty is not a basis for the rejection of plastic surgery, some Nigerians believe that it is ethically and religiously wrong to alter the natural body God has blessed you with, even though this is what they believe, it is not poverty-driven, rather it is driven by their religious beliefs and personal preference.

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