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Why Should These Boys Flog a Young Lady Mercilessly in Public Because She Committed a Minor Offense?

A video of a young Girl who got flogged publicly by Four boys has really caused a lot of reactions on different social media platforms. Some Nigerian celebrities have also reacted to this. They all condemned the act.

In this video, the girl could be seen kneeling in between four boys who used some canes to flog her. These boys were flogging her on different parts of her body while the lady was reacting painfully to this.

Photo credited: Instagram.

For those of you that will like to watch this video, click on the link provided below.

Click on this link to watch the video.

The girl was not the only one who got flooded. These four boys also flogged some other boys in this video.

After this video went viral online, the question that has been on the mind of many Nigerians is, what was the offense of this young lady?

In my opinion, no matter the offense committed by this lady, I think it is entirely wrong for a lady to be treated that way. It is so fortunate that this lady will have to bear this pain for long because the beating is too much. Only God knows the kind of Injury these beatings must have inflicted on her.

It was reported on Fresh insight TV (Facebook), that the teacher of the Arabic school asked these four boys to beat the girl because she attended a party.

I don't still know when attending a party became a crime. There is nothing wrong in disciplining a child, but how you discipline the child matters a lot. This offense is too minor for a lady to be beaten to such an extent. There are other ways they would have disciplined her, not by flogging her mercilessly.

As a reader, what do you have to say about this? 

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