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Kaduna-Abuja Road Incessant Attacks: Reasons That Might Be Fuelling It And How It Can Be Curtailed

Recent events at the Kaduna-Abuja highway have revealed the insecure state of the road. Motorists plying that route have been at the mercy of bandits who are having a field day. Within this week alone, several people have been reported missing and a Zamfara state politician lost his life on this road. Despite being a road that links the FCT and southern Nigeria to the core north, it's saddening that the road is now a den of bandits - it won't be wrong to call it one of the most dangerous roads in the country.

Reasons That Might Be Fuelling The Incessant Attack Along Kaduna-Abuja Highway.

If you have plied this dreaded road in recent times, you would agree with me that some things are not in place along this route. The following might be responsible for the incessant attacks:

Firstly, the road is dilapidated and in urgent need of repair. For instance, around Rijanna area, the road is so bad that motorists have to slow down when they approach the area. Additionally, some parts of the roads have been closed for a long time in the name of repairs, forcing motorists to divert to a single laned road, making them easy targets when the evil men strike. Bandits are now taking advantage of the state of the road to cause mayhem.

Secondly, roadblocks which were many in the past along this road, have now been reduced. With the busy nature of this road and criminal activities perpetuated there, it is surprising to see very few roadblocks/checkpoints.

How The Activities Of Bandits Along This Road Can Be Curtailed.

To curtail the activities of bandits along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway, the following measures must be put in place:

Firstly, the road must be repaired with immediate effect. Contractors who are working on the road should be pressured to complete their work, as bandits are now on a rampage.

Also, more checkpoints should be mounted along the road. By doing this, bandits might be scared of attacking indiscriminately.

Photo Credit: Daily Trust, Daily Nigerian, and Google.

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