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Road Accident

Popular Online Doctor Narrates What Happened To His Car After He Went Into A Restauraunt To Eat

Extreme heat, rain,sun are factors that contribute to the damage of ones car. The sun rays damages the interior plastics, hardens and cracks rubber seals as well as fading the paint of the car. Aside from these three mentioned factors, there are other unforseen factors that may bring damage to your car once it is parked outside. Unforseen factors such as robbery, accident from other vehicles, and sometimes hijacking of the car.

That is why any organization you see would always have a sign that reads " car parked at owners risk" it simply means such organization will be held responsible should anything bad happens to your car except of course you are paying for parking space.

In regard to this, a popular online Doctor who is well known to give medical advices and tips on health issues has narrated the sad ordeal of what happened to his car after he went into a restaurant to eat.

He said he has now understood what " Cars parked at owners risk" actually meant. That he went into a popular restaurant at Ikeja to have breakfast, only for their front door to fall and damage his car. The restaurant did well by apologizing profusely but he said he would still be the one pay the panel beater to put the car in order.

After he narrated his ordeal, check out how people reacted.

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