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Six Offences A Nigerian Police Officer Is Not Expected To Commit In The Country's Police Force

Nigerian police officers are one of the hardworking citizens of Nigeria. These men go from one place to another to ensure the safety of Nigerian citizens. They even risk their lives in doing this. Well, that is the duty they have sworn to do. We can only support them with prayers.

Every Nigerian police officer is also expected to know that in his or her line of duty, there are some offences he or she is not expected to commit. These offences could lead to varying punishments depending on the severity of the offence. Some of the punishments may include warning, payment of fine, confinement to barracks, compulsory community service and possible extension of work hours.

In this article, we will be looking at the 6 offences a responsible Nigerian police officer is not supposed to commit while in the Nigerian Police Force.

1. Improper dressing.

Improper dressing may include wearing of any other type of cloth except the police uniform. Police officers are always expected to be in their uniforms when on duty, except of course there is a special undercover operation in which they have to conceal their identities. As a Nigerian Police officer, you are expected to put on a neat, well-groomed police uniform while on duty.

Furthermore, you are expected to amend any torn areas of your uniform whenever you notice it.

Photo: Well-dressed Nigerian police officers

2. Driving police vehicles when not properly dressed.

It is an offence to drive the police vehicle without wearing your police uniform. As a Nigerian police officer, do not make the mistake of driving the police vehicle when you are not properly dressed as an officer.

3. Lateness to duty.

The safety of the citizens depends on your actions, why then should you be late to work? Just as it is important in other works of life, it is also important in the Police Force to get to work early.

4. Smoking in prohibited places.

It is not a crime to smoke in Nigeria, but it is a crime to smoke in some places such as the hospital, police stations and more. Police officers should not be caught smoking in prohibited places, whether they are on duty or not.

5. Drinking alcohol while on duty.

Too much alcohol is bad for the body. For the Nigerian Police, alcohol is bad for their officers. They do not encourage it. Whether you drink it moderately or not, you should not be seen drinking alcohol on duty.

6. Causing harm to an innocent citizen.

The sole responsibility of the Nigerian police force is to ensure the safety of innocent lives and the property of the citizens of Nigeria. As a Nigerian police officer, harming an innocent citizen of the country is a punishable offence that the police force does not take lightly. Officers who cause harm to innocent citizens, leading to serious injuries or death are always punished severely.

As a police officer, you are bound by the police Act not to commit the offences above. Do an outstanding job and ensure the safety of the people you have sworn to protect.




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