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Check Out What A Driver Used To Replace His Vehicle's Faulty Diesel Tank That Got Reactions

In Nigeria, many people risk their lives and the lives of those around simply by not doing what is right. Most times they have the means and resources to do the right thing but because of reasons known to them, they choose not to.

Couple of times we have seen the likes of cooks, drivers, traders etc use inferior materials in place of real ones at their various areas of work. This can be seen as improvisation/innovation. But sometimes it can be wrong, especially when it will be of harm to other unsuspecting people.

Recently, a driver was seen doing the wrong thing by not changing his Faulty Diesel Tank rather he made us of a rubber can to replace the Faulty car part. This is a very wrong and dangerous decision taken by the driver.

See the yellow rubber can being used in place of Diesel Tank

This is not innovation, this is very wrong

Apparently, one of the passengers at the back seat of the car took a photo of this and shared it on social media with the caption "wetin dey happen for Lagos?"

By using a rubber can in place of a diesel tank in his car, this driver has endangered his life and that of his passengers because any little spark will cause the vehicle to catch fire.

He was also seen filling his car tank with fuel using this same rubber can instead of the normal Diesel Tank. Why would a fuel attendant sell fuel to him seeing such a thing? I wonder.

Almost everyone seems to be reckless in this country and it is very bad. Most times we are the cause of our problems and we fail to see it. Please if anything in your vehicle spoils, get a new one or fix the Faulty part. Don't improvise!!

This singular act by the driver got Reactions on Twitter after it was shared online. Check it out

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