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Aljazeera exposed an Indian village where parents sell their daughters virginity to men(video)

Child abuse is not just limited to when you maltreat by beating etc.But you can be prosecuted if you lure a child into doing what is wrong against her wish or against the law.It does not matter whether you are the biological parent of this child or not.Once found guilty of the crime,you shall be prosecuted by law.

Few hours ago,Aljazeera English (Aj101East) posted a video on their official instagramhandle to expose a crime going on along a notorious highway in India.They carried out an investigation and found out that parents living in a village called"Madhya Pradesh" sell the virginity of their underage daughters to passerby and truck drivers.This is so shocking.I believe,if well investigated,this same evil act must be happening in some other parts of the world.

@Aljazeeraenglish wrote,"@Aj101East:A nototrious highway in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh is the site of shocking trade.Girls as young as 10 are being forced to work as prostitues and it is their own families selling them to passing truckers.This practice is like the serial rape of children They are raped about 10-12 times a day. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of reported child rape cases of any State in the nation.In this exclusive investigation,Aj101East exposes the Indian villages where parents sell their daughters for sex".

Click link to watch exposed video

(Screenshot of @Aljazeeraenglish post)

(Screenshot of Aljazeeraenglish post)

Reference :Aljazeeraenglish (Aj101 East)

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