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Unusual Laws That People Have To Keep In Some Countries.

Most countries around the world govern their territories in accordance with some rules. Most times these rules seem unusual to other people, while it’s common to the natives. Today’s article will expose some countries with the most unusual laws and why they were made.

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In Venice, Italy, it is illegal to feed pigeons. Usually tourists tend to give pigeons feeds in order to lure them to take pictures with them. The government of the country, due to the high cost of cleaning the stools of the pigeons, made it illegal for tourists and natives to feed the birds. The penalty for defaulting is €700.

In Acropolis, Greece, it's illegal to wear high heels. The government of Greece made it illegal to wear high heels in their country because they believe those high heels usually ruins their 2,500-year-old monuments. The law was made in 2009, and defaulters are made to pay huge sums of money.

In Samoa, it is totally illegal to forget your wife’s birthday. Men in Samoa do not only have their wives to contend with when they forget their wife's birthday, they also have the government to contend with as well. It is unclear if one can be jailed for not remembering his wife’s special day, however, he will definitely pay a fine if reported.

In Sarpourenx, France. It is illegal to die without buying a burial site. This law was passed as a result of people dying indiscriminately without making arrangements for their burial. People who die without buying a burial site will be punished, the type of punishment given to them is still unclear.

In Singapore, aside from dental and nicotine gums, it is forbidden to chew gums in the country. This law was passed in an attempt to keep the public areas of the country clean.

In Petrolia, Ontario, Canada, noise is highly prohibited. Therefore, people living in the area usually avoid the acts of singing, whistling, shouting and yelling at any time of the day.

In France, it is illegal to name your pig after a head of state or president. The country sees it as defamation, and as much as it may not get you into jail, it could attract fines from local authorities.

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