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Erica Exposes 'Yahoo Boys' Who Tried Using Manipulative Instinct to Scam Victims

Internet frauds keeps getting high, and rising as scammers will always devise a new means to outsmart their victims, and get them to part with their high earnings, or money which they might have been saving all their lives.

As people look on to protect themselves, this bunch of scammers are always quick to devise a new means to ensure that they hoodwink the gullible, and get their cash, they have so many ways of perpetrating their scams, as they can be both cunning, and crafty.

So a scammer in order to deceive people had put out a tweet which instruct that people should use their bank verification number popularly known as BVN out to determine how heavy their account might be, but Erica who understands the code of this so called yahoo boys was quick to blow the whistle of the act, as she replied the tweet that, ''Hope no one falls for this scam! All they need to do it remove the commas and they have your Bvn number'' which is the truth.

Erica by doing this has shown that she can be a life saver when she has to, and thanks to her many Nigerians would have fallen for the deceit aimed at conning people off their hard earned money. 

The tweet has been since deleted by the people who put it out for their dubious act, since they have been exposed, now they will have to devise another means fir their game which doesn't look like it will stop soon, as many youths see scamming or doing 'Yahoo Yahoo' as a part to Eldorado which has to stop, so they can have a new orientation to show that there are other legit job which can be done to earn big, and scamming is only but a quick part to amassing wealth, or riches which might not end well for them.

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