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What Government Need To Do To Eradicate Unknown Gunmen In The Southeastern Region In Nigeria

It has been a long time since the Nigerian government and its citizens have been in a serious battle with the insecurity saga. And this issue has turned many homes into sorrowful palaces. Particularly in the southeastern States.

A lot of security personnel have been killed and millions of public properties have been vandalized by unknown gunmen in those areas, which is terrible to the extent that no one dares to go out in the evening time to do necessary things. Even the students are not left out.

It will be recalled that 23 years old boy who was observing the National youth corps service was shot dead in Owerri Imo state while the commissioner of police and others was shot dead in the same state. The issue if these unknown gunmen have caused a lot of things that are even brutal than the aforementioned.

Although the government has been trying to control the situation. But still, yet, things are not going well for the people living in those areas.

We all know that the economic growth of any country or region that is battling the insecurity matter will be stable because real people who are supposed to move in with the idea of promoting the country will be afraid of being a victim of the unknown gunmen.

The question now is that is this how we will continue watching our people living in panic? No.

This is why I bring up these ideas to help both governments and the victims of unknown gunmen in the southeastern region and other parts of the country to have rest of mind in their various places.

1. The government should find out the number of households currently in those areas and set up some security systems like CCTV cameras devices that will detect hidden weapons used by those to monitor the movement of immigrants in those areas.

2. The government should set up a committee that will persuade every parent in that area to counsel their children against thuggery and explain the value of living the good life for them. So they won't accept any offer given to them by evildoers.

3. The government should summon all the leaders of the security personnel and send them to advanced countries to learn how to use digital security systems to survey all hidden places of southeastern regions in Nigeria. So that they will easily know the unknown gunmen's hideouts and arrest them together, dead or alive.

4. The government should also release enough instruments for security agents to fight against these unknown gunmen anytime they engage in fighting. Because it seems like the firearms of the security agents are below what those criminals are using for their operations.

5. Enough employments and empowerment should also be provided to both olds and young adults in those areas to keep them busy. So that they won't be enticed with a token amount of money by evildoers who are using them to carry out evil operations in those areas.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned ideas will help both governments and people who are living in those areas to overcome security challenges facing them currently.

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