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Man Reveals The Rules A Landlord Said That He Must Adhere To Before He Can Rent His House To Him

A twitter user with the name Emeka shares the rule a landlord set for him if he must live in his house.

According to him, he said his landlord told him that he must adhere to the rules which are

- He mustn't bring friends to his room

- He must participate in the lodge fellowship

- He must only wash his clothes on Saturdays

- He must be at home before 10pm.

(Credit: Twitter @Emeka)

Emeka said after the landlord dictated the rules to him, he told him that he was interested in the house, but his actual plan was to run away because of the rules.

Every house owner have their rules which they set for any person that are interested in renting their houses, which must be adhere to.

(Credit: Twitter @Emeka)

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