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"We wear soldier uniforms so that our target would think it's safe to board our bus" - Suspects

All day for the thief, one day for the owner. This is the case of the four arrested thieves that has been terrorising the area of Lagos state. According to their confessions, they specializes in car theft and hijacking people's properties at gun point. They do this successfully after convincing their their targets to enter their bus. They are four of them and all of them are sons of a soldier.

Two of them who are twins uses their late father's uniform for operation. To convince their target that their bus is safe, one of them would wear the uniform and stay in the bus. Any passenger who sees that a soldier is inside the bus would feel safe and board their bus. At this point, they would dispossess their victims off their properties.

Its a good job by the police that they got arrested eventually. Also, this is a warning for us out there,we need to be careful. That a soldier is inside a car or bus doesn't mean it's totally safe to board the vehicle. Let's watch and pray.

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