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Road Accident

Mixed Reactions As A Young Lady Started Misbehaving After She Was Pushed Out Of A Black Tinted Car

In a viral video that surfaced the internet few hours ago, something unusual happened to a young lady on the street. The details pertaining to where the incident happened are not provided by the person who posted the video on social media but the footages were captured. The person just posted it for everyone to see and learn one or two lessons from what happened to the lady.

In this video, it was apparently a busy road where many vehicles and motorcycles were passing but suddenly a black tinted vehicle hits its brake which alarmed the onlookers. One of the onlookers quickly brought out his phone to start recording because the movement of the vehicle looks very suspicious. All the windows of the cars were tinted and no one knew what was happening inside. After a few minutes of waiting by the road side, someone opened the door and kicked out a young lady off the vehicle. The lady was sitting beside the driver but after the vehicle stopped, the driver kicked her out on the ground and ran off.

The moment the vehicle suddenly pulled off that got the attention of the bystanders

The girl was struggling to get herself in order after falling on the floor but people could not help but stay afar from where she was because they do not know what was happening. At a point, the lady started misbehaving and she almost ran in front of a moving vehicle. Onlookers became worried and some people quickly ran to her aid. Some of the bystanders went to grab the girl before she runs into a moving vehicle and get herself killed.

The moment the driver kicked the lady out of the car and sped off

It was not mentioned if the lady went mad immediately but it was quite glaring from the video that she started misbehaving which made many people believe that she has gone nuts. After the lady stood up from the ground, she started behaving abnormally.

The lady started misbehaving

Two women ran to her aid

This got so many people worried and also wondering what could have happened to the girl. Some people said maybe she hit her head on a hard object when she was pushed off the car, while others said that those who dropped her might have done something to her.

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