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Internet Fraud: Three Things Every Yahoo Boy Will Suffer At The Hands Of EFCC When They're Caught

Internet Fraud is now common in most African countries, many young boys and girls now consider this criminal activity as one of the best ways to make easy money, forgetting what would happen when Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) gets them.

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In West Africa, internet fraudsters are popularly known as Yahoo boys. The name became popular in Nigeria and Ghana in early 2000. Most people in West Africa started calling internet fraudsters 'Yahoo boys' because these scammers used Yahoo's free e-mail accounts to commit their crimes in early 2000.

Despite the fact that EFCC is doing its best to get rid of internet fraudsters in Nigeria, many young boys and girls keep committing this criminal act because they want quick money.

As a Yahoo Boy, these are the three things you'll suffer at the hands of EFCC when you're caught.

1. You'll be paraded as a criminal

You'll be disgraced publicly, your pictures will be on the internet as someone who collected money from others using dubious means.

Once EFCC parades you as a Yahoo Boy/girl, you've indirectly rubbed your family's name on the mud.

2. You'll go to Jail

Some young boys and girls are into internet fraud because they are not fully aware of what will happen to them when they're arrested, some of them think they'll be able to bail themselves when they're caught.

Once EFCC gets you, you'll first be paraded, then you will be sent to jail.

3. All your assets will be confiscated

You stand a chance of loosing all your assets, including what you owned before becoming a Yahoo boy/girl. Even if you built a house for your parents, it will be seized by EFCC.

Think twice before making the decision to defraud others over the internet.

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