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Here's What You Do Not Know About Left-handed People

Left handed persons are also called Southpaws. They might not be happy being called by their method of writing but, they do well to hide it on special occasions where they deem necessary.

Below are some of the things you might not notice about a left-handed person;

. A Left Handed person is likely to have more allergies compared to a right handed person.

. A left-handed person finds it easier to open a jar than a right-handed person because they can supply a stronger anticlockwise turning force than a right-handed person.

. You can't win against a left-handed person in a writing competition. They write so fast.

. Left-handed people are better at 3D perception and thinking.

. Left-handed persons when angry are very dangerous.

. Left-handed people make up roughly 12% of the population.

. They tend to hear words louder and quicker than a right-handed person.

. They fall in love after careful observation of the person they like.

. Left-handed persons are 3 times more likely to become alcoholics because the right side of the brain has a lower tolerance of alcohol.

. Left Handed persons also uses the right side of the brain.

. They do not show case their talents whenever you want them to. It is kept hidden until they are faced with circumstances.

. Their nails grow faster on the left hand than the right.

. They are prone to migraines.

. They can fight for a long time without getting tired.

. August 13 is left handers day. This yearly event was launched in the year 1996.

. They possess the best handwritings.

. They are so good at drawing things that pertains to nature.

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Left Handed Southpaws


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