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See What A Lady Did To Her paltry Workers Who Stole Eggs That Got People's Attention

This story is about the attitude of a beautiful lady and what she did to the woman who stole from her. People are wicked in different ways and sometimes, if you are not mean with your workers there is every possibility that they can trample on you. When it has to do with your business there is some rubbish you are not supposed to take from your staffs. After reading this story, we would want you to tell us if what the lady did to her workers who stole eggs from her paltry is right or wrong.

Living a simple life is good but it is dangerous when it becomes too much. One of the examples is shown in this video that revealed two women who are paltry workers to a lady who must have been suspecting them in one way or the other, so she decided to monitor them closely until she caught the two women with about 50 eggs when they were trying to smuggle them out.

See screenshots below 👇

People are looking for jobs and the ones who are working are stealing from the people who employed them. The lady was surprised to see where they were bringing all the eggs they hide inside their clothes and pants which also got different reactions from people who watched the video.

See how people reacted below 👇

What the lady did that amazed me was that she searched them and retrieved all the eggs. After retrieving the edges, she cautioned them and still asked them to go with the stolen eggs.

My questions are as follows;

Do you think she did the right thing?

If you catch the thief who stole from you, will you ask him to forget about the things he stole?

Do you agree that the lady handled the situation very well?

If you were the one, will you sack them?

Let's have your opinion, and feel free to share your thoughts in this regard... Thank you.

Photo Credit: Instagram.

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