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After A Heavy Wind Pulled Off A Palm Tree In Sapele Market, See The Damage It Did To People

Reports of ugly incidents that mostly claims the lives of innocent people has been much heard of in our societies these days. People now lose their lives prematurely to unforeseen circumstances as if the lives never mattered at all. It's saddening and something we would never wish to experience.

Let's talk about the report reaching us today, April 7 from Sapele Times And Warri Aproko Special about an ugly incident that took place in Sapele Area of Delta State when it rained heavily in the location on Tuesday.

According to the report, an unidentified young lady lost her life while hiding from the rain in one of the shops located in the market area. It happened that while the lady was inside one of the shops in the market during the heavy rainfall, the wind which so strong blew away a palm tree from its root and landed it on the lady where she took shelter from the rain. The heavy tree pressed her to the ground and that was the end of her life.

I believe there is no better way to die but the news of this ugly incident sent shivers down my spine as imagined how it felt like when such a heavy tree took her unawares and fell on her. It's quite disturbing, if she had known, she would have preferred walking under the rain and remain alive at the end but who has ever seen death coming and remained to face it. May God grant her eternal an eternal rest. Amen

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