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Road Accident

Police Officers Disgraced In Rivers State, See What They Did To A Motorist

The inefficiency, lack of empathy, sense of humour, intimidating and wicked acts potrayed by the Nigerian police was caught on camera in the state capital of Rivers State Portharcourt.

The Police officers had a what I call bad market, as they stoped a photographer driving a Toyota Corolla sport vehicle, asking for his particulars and accusing him of using a different engine number from the one stated in his particulars, the car owners been a smart one took his phone and start videoing the incidence, asking the police officer to buttress his claims by showing him the engine number of the car and that of the particular to see if it's different, only for the officer to find himself in an unavoidable shame, with his only defence,that they should go down to the police station which the car owner objectively refuse and asked why he should go down to the police station since he has not been convinced of any crime.

Furthermore, this incidence drew the attention of passerbyes and store keepers, who came in support of the car owner.

Here are screenshots of the incident:

Click here to watch the video:

What do you think, I think the guy was smart enough to pull up such scene and this speak of the ills of our currupt police officer who have not human empathy, turning their duty into Money making extorting from well-meaning Nigerians who struggle to get by day and day.

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