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Days After Farmers In Iwo Land Lamented About Herdsmen Disturbance, Check Out What Oluwo Of Iwo Said

Recall that the paramount Ruler of Iwo, Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi allowed Fulani Herdsmen to continue staying in his town. He even allowed more Fulani's Herdsmen to relocate to Iwo after being chased from other Yoruba lands. Few days ago, farmers in Iwo land have lamented that Fulani Herdsmen have started disturbing them in the town after more Fulani Herdsmen relocated from other Yoruba towns to Iwo land. 

This is not the first time people of Iwo land with be raising alarm over the disturbance of Fulani's herdsmen. Last month, according to reports by VANGUARD NEWSPAPERS, some youths in Iwo, Osun state disclosed that the town is no longer safe as the monarch, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi extends a blanket invitation to herdsmen into the community. The youths stated that the rate of influx of herdsmen into the community is worrisome, hence the decision to alert the public.

Speaking in a viral video, days after Iwo farmers lamented about herdsmen disturbance, Oluwo of Iwo was spotted addressing a group of Fulani's herdsmen with their fleet of cows disrupting and eating crops in a farmland. 

Here is everything Oluwo of Iwo said to the Fulani herdsmen in the video:

"In this era and time, civilization has nullified the needs of herding cows around. Remember there were times when we have tribal marks but now it's no more in existence. So, the era of herding cows around the bush have passed. Some of you should start ranching. Keep your cows in you house and in your vicinity, go out to cut fresh grass for your cows to eat instead of you going round with them, disrupting and destroying farmlands. Some of you can even start ranching business and sell to others. It's not even all of you that supposed to be herdsmen. Look over there, see how your cows are disrupting that farm now, and this is what is causing troubles in the community and stirring up fight. 

I'm sure you people don't want trouble too. So, henceforth keep your cows where you are living while some of you should go out and cut fresh grass for them to eat, and you will see how your cows will become big. Herding your cows around farmlands is causing problems between you and the farmers. The farmers took loans to buy seeds to plant and I also understand that, you people are used to going round with your cows, but enough is enough. Soon, we will make announcement that we don't want to see cows roaming around anymore. So, it's time for you people to start ranching business and sell to others. Look at your young ones, they should be in school and I came to your place to talk to you about the need for your young ones to be educated. Who will look at these young ones and call them kidnappers or criminals, but they need to be in school."

Here is the link to the video:

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