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November 2, the date when most Mexicans celebrate their dead loved ones in unique fashion

For many cultures around the world, losing a loved one can only be honoured with a "befitting" burial after which nothing serious happens afterwards. Whatever way a person is buried differs from culture, but the whole idea remains the same which is to either honour the wishes of the dead or to pay their last respect.

However, things are not the way it is been done around the world in Mexico, as Mexicans set apart two days in a year to honour their dead loved ones and remember them.

The Mexican Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos in Spanish, is a two day holiday where people celebrate the lives of their dead loved ones which includes family and friends, which takes place on the 1st and 2nd days of November every year.

Originating in Mexico and celebrated by Mexicans anywhere in the world, this tradition involves family and friends gathering to pay respect to their dead loved ones in a very unique way, which involves dressing in skeleton costumes, painting their faces to look like skulls and presenting food items to the departed souls.

Gifts, food and flowers are presented to the family of the diseased, and items such as things related to the dead like their pictures and other things the person used to like when alive like favourite food and drink is placed on their graves. Foods presented on the days of the celebration is eaten by living people and also given to the spirits of the departed.

The major intention of everything they believed, is to encourage visits of the souls of the dead from the underworld to the people alive.

Outside Mexico, "The day of the Dead" is also celebrated in other places where Mexicans reside or people with Mexican ancestry, so Mexicans living in countries such as Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru and the United States of America also take part on the appointed dates.

In a special way to show that the memories of the departed is always in their hearts, the Mexicans came up with a very clever way to keep the memories of their dead loved ones alive.

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