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Road Accident

VIDEO: Foreigner Records The Moment Policemen Points Gun At The Bonnet Of A Car At A Checkpoint

A video was posted few hours ago and it showed the moment a foreigner was stopped by policemen at a checkpoint, who asked him to give them money before he leave. This foreigner is from Spain, he is traveling from Benin Republic and coming into Lagos on his own power bike, while he was telling the police officers that he doesn't have any money with him, other officers at the checkpoint were caught on camera trying to stop a vehicle from passing, one of the officers pointed a gun at the bonnet of the car, ordering the driver to park immediately.

The foreigner was able to record all this because he fixed a camera on his helmet, which the policemen didn't also notice. Before that part came up in the video, this foreigner was stopped by police officers who asked him to give them money and they would change it to naira by themselves. He told the officers that he doesn't have any cash except his credit card, adding that he is going to get money if he gets to Lagos.

The officer was a bit reluctant, he asked again if he doesn't have anything to give to them but the foreigner made it clear that he currently has nothing on him, not even his wristwatch. It was at that moment that the camera shifted to the other side of the road, where a police officer was standing in front of a Toyota Corolla, with his gun pointed at the bonnet of the car. The officer then gestured to the driver, asking him to park while another officer was monitoring them.

Screenshots from the video below

The driver had no choice than to park as the police officers ordered. It was not clear why the officers stopped the vehicle but the foreigner who was recording the whole scene continued his conversation with the officer, telling him that he wants to leave. You can watch the video below


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