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Road Accident

Rain: See the present condition of the roads in Badagry

Following the arrival of the long anticipated rainy season in Badagry Lagos, a lot of problems have been faced by the road users. Even though the aftermath effect of the rain is enjoyable in their various houses as they enjoy the cool night breeze, what they face on the road is a different case.

The transport fare has doubled as a result of the rainy season. This is because buses pass through a lot in order to navigate the road. Moreover some bus drivers will prefer to forfeit the money for the day instead of taking the risk of going to work. This made the few drivers that have the mind to console themselves with an increase in charges.

Most private car owners who are not very used to the road end up entering parts of the roads that are not motorable. Sometimes they abandon their cars when pushing it out yields no result to come back for it when the road is clear.

Buses are not left out as well as some drivers sometimes mistakenly find themselves inside terrible potholes that sometimes trying to push the bus profers no solution.

The frequency of the visits of drivers to mechanic workshop is not funny at all. Some buses even give up at the middle of the road. These has made some drivers to spend a lot on repair.

All these contribute to a great extent the traffic that we always see on Badagry road. This is worst between Agbara and Mowo Badagry.

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