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Angel, Nini And Others Apologize To Liquorose As She Warns Against Disrespect

The new head of the house, Liquorose, felt insulted by the other inmates.

For disrespecting her position and opposing her proposals, she read the riot act to her housemates. 

As a result of the failure of the first phase of the mission, the lader said this on Wednesday night following the Supa Komando challenge. The first portion of the work required performing the brand jingle, but roommates, notably Deputy Saga, pushed back against Liquorose's proposals. 

As a result, she summoned the entire household for a meeting following the work and issued a firm warning against disrespect in the house.

“From now on, if I'm trying to talk and you guys are shouting, I'm going to stay quiet until you guys are done.” she said.

“I won't pass the information if you don't give me the respect and attention I deserve. You guys oppose me whenever I'm trying to resolve or settle a problem, which is not suppose to be so."

“What happened today was extremely disrespectful, and that was the absolute least I anticipated from everyone here." 

“I already nominated my deputy, given the fact that I'm the HOH now. So I'm counting on you guys to back me up on whatever I say.”

Angel and Nini approached Liquorose after her rousing speech to apologize for their misconduct during the jingle task and promise to pay allegiance. 

Liquorose afterwards had a conversation with her Deputy, who also issued an apology to her.

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