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Check Out The Last WhatsApp Chat The Lady That Was Killed In Akwa Ibom Had With Her Friend

Late Iniobong Umoren who was in need of a job, posted about her need for a job on her social media page and was invited for a fake job interview which claimed her life. She had a chat with her friend, Umoh Uduak who seemed to be her close friend, while she embarked on the trip to attend the interview. Some days back, her friend narrated that late Iniobong sent her a one second voice note which made Umoh call her phone immediately and heard Iniobong screaming over the phone, then the call was cut and her phone was switched off. She went missing for two days after which her body was found.

Umoh released the last WhatsApp chat she had with late Iniobong before the awful incident. In the chat, they were talking about her movement to airport road in Akwa Ibom around where she went to meet the interviewer.

Here are screenshots of the WhatsApp chat between Iniobong and Umoh;

In the chat, Iniobong told her friend Umoh that she will check the man (interviewer) at airport road. Umoh told her to be careful and make sure that her phone location is on, Iniobong replied her saying that it is always on. She also complained of the place being far and said she was taking bike to the place, before Iniobong sent her the one second voice note as you can see in the fifth chat.

This is saddening. All she wanted was a job but she lost her life in the process. Her family and friends are mourning her and seeking for justice. May her soul rest in peace.

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