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2 Lessons Nigerians Should Learn From The Popular Socialite Burnt To Death In A Celestial Church

Kayode Badru, a popular Nigerian socialite, was reportedly burnt to death in a Celestial Church in Lagos. His body was set on fire by the white candles he was surrounded with during a programme and prayer session. The fire started burning Kayode after a prophet sprayed perfume on his body during prayers.

Prior to his death, Badru had just Landed Lagos from Dubai to attend the graduation ceremony of 40 Students he gave scholarship to study at Academy For Innovative Art and Technology ( ACIATECH). After attending the graduation he went to church for a programme.

Below are lessons we should learn from his death

1) Do not surround yourself with candles when praying, especially in an enclosed space. Candles are not something one should play with especially when it is burning.

Over the years, we have had cases of people and their homes getting burned by just a candle which was kept carelessly. 

So please avoid surrounding yourself with candles when praying in an enclosed space.

2) Do not bring perfumes near fire as they are highly flammable. Badru died as a result of the ignorance of the prophet who was praying for him. Now this ignorance has killed someone.

We should always learn to read instructions on any spray product we buy. If it says 'highly flammable" on the product, then keep it far away from fire.

The way Kayode Badru died was very pathetic and we sympathize with his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

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